terribleminds flash fiction challenge

Hello all,


I’m recently installed in a new house, and only just able to access the internet. I’ve been lugging boxes and unpacking boxes and scrubbing all manner of things with all manner of cleaning products. Which is to say: nothing has been written in the last several days. Take note, though. The flash fiction challenge has been posted at terribleminds. The challenge is as follows


‘Last week, I said, “Hey, write a really great sentence.”

And you did.

Lots of you did.

This week, I’m saying, okay, go check out those sentences in the comments, pick one of your favorites, and use it in a new short piece of flash fiction, ~1000 words long.

Post that story at your online space.

Link back here so we can all see it.

Make sure to identify which sentence you used!

Give credit both in comment and your posting.

Due back in one week: by next Friday, noon EST.

Go. Pick. Write.’


I haven’t chosen a sentence yet, but I look forward to having a chance to sit down and get my mind around the challenge. Let us know if you decide to participate or have a favorite inspiration sentence. Enjoy!

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